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2007-06-20 01:29:00.0

I don't get it!!

Right something I don't get is Leases....How the feck can you charge people so much to take over a lease of a failing business. Then be expected to pay rent then set up the whole shop.

To me it doesn't make sence. Surely if your business was sucking ass you would be happy to get rid of paying rent. But hey it's greedy Ireland where it costs you an arm and a leg to do anything.

If you take AREA51 for example we got that place as the first tenents. So we paid our months rent and a few months up front and away we went. Now If we decided we have had enough, or if we were going under I'm sure we would be bloody happy to get rid of the place so we don't have to pay rent and rates and everything else that goes with a place or is it just me.

The reason I say this is I was looking at a place in town for another idea I have and they wanted 85k to buy out the lease then 18k a year. Dam thats alot of cash to spend just to get rid of a business that has failed before you spend a penny on your new business.

Ok so I might be being a bit harsh or missing something but come on if your business is hitting the wall cut your losses and move on. Why make it so bloody hard for a new venture to start up.  It's hard enough to start up a business  get the cash and the idea together and make it work without this.

Well thats me I have ranted enough...for now,

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