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2009-01-23 15:31:00.0

It's a new year and an exciting road ahead

Well this year is flying by, and yet again after saying to myself to write more blog posts I find myself 20 odd days into this new year and still no bloody posts.

I'm finding it hard to get time to write posts, but I do think a lot of this is down to the fact that I find it harder to get down on paper (screen) what it is I want to say. Writing has never been my stong point so I look for any excuse to get out of it, and being too busy always sounds great in my head.

So far this year is looking good, we are flat out in Digital Crew with work and hope to have a few big jobs coming up sson. TeamworkPM is also really starting to go places now, It's getting very close to the point that we are going to have to look at getting a full time person on board to deal with feedback and questions and just general chat with our customers. We even had one of the major film studios in the States onto us last week about using TeamworkPM, it will be great to have a big name on board.

On a totally different front now, Sam&Dan's is now finally open at nights. We started the late openings towards the end of December and it's been going great inside there. I have to say I enjoy working nights there when I get the chance, the chatting to the customers there at night is always a good laugh and we have been getting a great amount of positive feedback as well.

I know all the talk on the radio and newspapers at the moment  is all doom and gloom, but I can't help but feel really excited about the changes in the economy.  The world was starting to get a bit crazy and it just seemed like it was going to be fecking impossible to move up the ladder in business at times because everything had gotten so bloody expensive, and the barrier to entry just seemed so high at times.  Now it's fair game to anyone with the balls and vision to take this recession on, things are cheaper, people are looking to do deals now as businesses are fighting for work and I think it could be a very interesting year ahead.

It is the year of the OX and as they say about Oxen, they were used in farming because they were able to pull harder and longer than horses, particularly on obstinate or almost un-movable loads, so here's to hoping we can all be Oxen and start to pull our businesses out of this recession and  on to great things

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2008-10-07 09:00:00.0

The market comes to Town

What a savage Sunday we just had, wish we had more days like that during the summer.  After my Sunday morning coffee in Sam&Dan's Billy and myself headed for Grand Parade to find a full food market set up. It was cool to see the Grand Parade since it was done up being used for something.  We were in walking around before the crowds found the place, we stoped at one stall and had a box of roasted potatoes with sausage...amazing! I'm drooling right now.

It would be nice to see them do more stuff like this more often, the Grand Parade is such a great space now. I picked up some savage home page jam from McBride&Flynn, they are based down in Kinsale and I have to say the jam was unreal, homemade jam just has so much more flavour. I also picked up some Banana bread and Goats cheese from a few other stalls ,mmmm making me hungry writing this now.

McBride&Flynn Jam

I never seem to see these events advertised any where, I always just happen to stumple along and find them. Where do they advertise these days? is it in the paper or radio? Where ever it is I never seem to ever see any press about the events which is a shame because I would love to go to more of them. You can easily forget that there is such great foods made right here in Ireland, I'm always saying how good food in other countries is,but do you know what, I think the west of Ireland is right up there. (most of the food stalls seemed to be from down that direction.)

The guy in McBrides was saying that there is going to be another market on Patrick St this coming weekend, so if you have nothing on and want some savage food I would recommend getting in to Cork over the weekend.

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2008-08-29 15:43:00.0

Guess whos back?'s me, I'm still alive and kicking

Yes I am still alive and well. It's just been a crazy summer. I have been meaning to update the blog for quite sometime now but just never manage to get around to it. The days are just flying by, I can't believe it's nearly September already, bloody crazy!

Digital Crew has been eating most of my time lately, we are just up the walls at the moment which is great, but is also stressful. We have a new member joining the Crew next month, I'm sure Dan and Topper can't wait, he's another programmer to help us with our workload.

Teamworkpm is going well now and we have had a lot of new signup as well. The guys have been working on getting the API up and running as soon as possible. We hope to have it good to go during September.

Sam&Dan's is now over a month old as well. Things are going well there, the Donuts have been the big hit there so far. We have also added topped ones to our menu now. (so tasty)

AREA51 is still rocking away as well, been back in there for the Tuesday night gaming the last few weeks and had a good laugh. Nothing beats kicking your customers asses in a game of Call of Duty 4.

The next thing on my list is to give this blog a face lift. It's pretty old at this stage and it was a template I stole from Dan to save time.

Well thats the story so far not the most exciting blog post in the world but at least it proves if still alive and kicking.

If you're around from 6pm-8pm any week day call into Sam&Dan's some time for a coffee and a dog. I'm working there most evenings. Dan and I were talking today over coffee, saying we must hold an open coffee morning there one day as well as start to get to the others held round Cork. It's another thing I need to add to my list of things to do as well.  I was sorry to miss Techludd yesterday, I would like to start to meet up with all the guys in Cork that I'm now following on Twitter. There's a good bunch of Tech heads around in Cork, to be sure! (I'm so Irish now!)

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2008-07-09 15:29:00.0

Official Opening of Sam and Dan's

I can't believe how many days it has been since I updated the blog. The days have just been flying by since we opened Sam and Dan's. The official opening, on the 4th of July, went really well. A big thanks to Fuzion for helping out with the launch as well. The weather for the day was bloody shocking but still we had a great turn out and everyone was kept happy with their free Hot Dogs and Donuts we were serving along with a glass or 2 or wine as well.(Now before another person says it, we do realise that Donut is the American spelling of Doughnut. We had a long debate about this, but we thought people are so used to seeing the American spelling of it on TV shows and the fact that it's really an American product in the end. So we have decided it's spelled DONUT in Sam&Dan's)
Cutting the tape
So what's been happening since we opened, well we have had a leak in our Donut machine we have had a Bain-marie unit that was overheating and all sorts of teething problems that you always run into when you open something new. Thankfully none of these have been too bad at all and we are now
well under way with most of the small bugs worked out now. (I hope)

We have been having a great response from people coming into the shop and everyone has been really complimentary on the Hot Dogs, thank God, other wise we went into the wrong business. I still can't get over that loads of people have never tried the American mustard, they all think that it is English mustard that is on the dogs. Once we twist their arm them to try it they really like it. You just can't have a dog without mustard, it's just so wrong.

The other side of the shop, the Donuts have been the real surprise for us I guess. We got the machine in not knowing what sort of demand there would be in Cork and they have been going really well. We often get people in saying they were walking by and the smell was just killing them so they had to call in to get some donuts. The only problem I have with the Donuts is for me to stop eating them. I'm having to use unreal restraint when I'm in there not to just test (one as quality controller) every 2 mins.

Also I would like to say a big thanks to the team we had construct the shop I would give my fully recommendation to these guys. If anyone is looking for a team of builders and supplies to start their own place at a great price try the guys below:
The builders&painters and the whole Project was managed by a really nice guy Denis McCarthy 086 2778428
The sparky was M-Power Electrical 087 6536419
The Kitchen was with Quipman 021-4210433

Me giving my Speech

Happy out with their Hot Dogs from Sam&Dan's

The four behind Sam&Dan's

 Sam and Dan
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2008-06-30 08:30:00.0

Sam and Dan's opens it's doors

I'm sorry for the lack of updates and new photos but the last week has just been one of the hardest weeks ever for me.
Sam&Dan's is now open and trading to the public!! I can't believe it myself, I thought we would never get there.
I'm a bit up the walls at the moment trying to get all the small things sorted out so I will post a more detailed blog later on.

In the short time below are a few pics from the shop. I also have a few more photos on my flickr page.

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